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BTRA SCAN 2001 - 2003 Issues

Subject Area Author(s) Name Title of the Paper Month / Year Volume No. Issue No. Page No.
Ginning B.D. Jade, J.S. Manohar and B.P.Todankar Effect Of Processing Conditions At Ginning On Fibre Properties September 2001 XXXI 3 1-7
Spinning K.V. Joseph, D.R. Ananthaswamy, B.D. Jade and A.N. Desai An Approach To Global Benchmarking For Indian Spinning Industry June 2001 XXXI 2 1-6
T.L. Paradkar, B.D. Jade and B.P. Todankar Quality Improvement In Spinning - Some Case Studies March 2002 XXXII 1 1-6
U. Valsan and B. Sankar Ways and Means of Energy Saving in the Mills June 2002 XXXII 2 1-3
Weaving R.N. Bharati, R.A. Shaikh and U.K. Gangopadhyay Measure To Achieve Improved Performance And Eliminate Fibre Ball Formation In Weaving Of Heavy Reed Sorts On Shuttleless WeavingMachines September 2001 XXXI 3 8-14
R.N. Bharati, R.A. Shaikh and U.K. Gangopadhyay Dust And Fly Pollution In Modern High Speed Weaving Industry -A Methodology To Estimate And Analyse March 2002 XXXII 1 7-10
N.D. Mhatre Behaviour Of Picking Force With Respect To Picking Nose Condition On A Ruti - B Loom - A Case Study March 2002 XXXII 1 11-23
C.H. Sakharkar, R.A. Shaikh and R.N. Bharati Use of Indigenous Acrylates in Size Formulation March 2003 XXXIII 1 1-6
Fabric Inspection V. Jayachandran Four Point Grading System March 2001 XXXI 1 19-21
Wet Processing B.N. Bandyopadhyay, G.N. Sheth and M.M. Moni Application Of Chitosan In Dyeing And Finishing March 2001 XXXI 1 5-12
Geeta N. Sheth and Aparna A. Musale Application Of Enzymes In Scouring And Bio-Polishing Of Cotton December 2001 XXXI 4 1-11
B.A. Doshi and A.S. Sahasrabudhe Eco-Friendly Finishing To Cotton Fabric Dyed With Homobifunctional Reactive Dyes December 2001 XXXI 4 22-26
B.A. Doshi, A.S. Sahasrabudhe and C.I. Renkuntla Effect of Eco-friendly Crease-resistant Finishing Treatment on Cotton Fabrics Dyed with different Classes of Dyes September 2002 XXXII 3 18-26
G.N. Sheth, P.R. Mistry and C.L. Madichetty Effect of Different Processing Pre-treatments on Physical and Dyeing Characteristics of Tencel and Lyocell/Cotton Blended Fabrics March 2003 XXXIII 1 7-15
G.N. Sheth and A. Musale Application of Bio-technology to Desizing of Cotton Fabrics June 2003 XXXIII 2 18-21
G.N. Sheth and A. Musale Application of Bio-technology to Scouring of Fabrics September 2003 XXXIII 3 1-9
N.V. Bhat, Y.N. Benjamin, A.V. Gore, D.J. Upadhyay Plasma Processing of Textile Fibres September 2003 XXXIII 3 10-18
Ms. G.N. Sheth, Ms. A.A. Musale and Ms. C.L. Madichetty Effect of Different Cross-linking Agents On Cotton Fabric Dyed with Natural Dyes December2003 XXXIII 4 8- 15
Utilities Conservation T.L. Paradkar and A.N.Desai Functional Relations Between Rotor Spinning Parameters And EnergyConsumption March2001 XXXI 1 1-4
B.P. Yadav and J.M.Pandey A Diagnostic Approach To Conserve Water For The Textile Mill In NewMillennium March2001 XXXI 1 13-18
S.A. Tarabadkar, H.M.Sharma and D.H. Yadav Assessment Of Compressed Air Requirement For Spinning And WeavingMachines September2001 XXXI 3 15-21
S.A. Tarabadkar, H.M. Sharma and V.V. Sutar Fuel Saving In Decentralised Process House Units December2002 XXXII 4 1-6
Joseph Zacharia Role of Spindle Oil in Energy Saving for Spinning Mills March2003 XXXIII 1 16-20
B.P. Todankar, C.K.Mistry and B. Sankar Understanding Pneumatics for its Effective Use in Textile Industry June2003 XXXIII 2 1-6
Microprocessor Instrumentation S.N. Misra, A.K.Shrivastava and A.P. Pande Application Of Microprocessor Based Instrumentation System In ChemicalProcessing Of Textiles - BTRA Contribution June2001 XXXI 2 7-14
S.N. Misra, Anjali P.Pande and A.N. Desai BTRA Powerspin System for Estimation, Monitor and Control ofEnergyConsumption for Ring Frames in Textile Mills September2002 XXXII 3 1-8
S.N. Misra, A.K.Shrivastava, A.E. Rumao and V.K. Shinde A Microprocessor Based Auto Dyeing System To Automate Yarn PackageDyeing Machines - A Btra Development December2002 XXXII 4 7-13
Ready-Made Garment Industry P.N. Mahurkar, D.R.Ananthaswamy, P.G. Raghavan and K.P. Ravindran Operational Studies in Ready-made Garment Industry in India September2002 XXXII 3 9-17
Shade Matching Neela R. Salaskar, RajaniV. Raikar and Archana S. Konnur Problems And Prospects Of Using ComputerColour Matching Technique InDecentralisedPowerloom Sector For Vat Dyestuffs December2001 XXXI 4 12-21
B.N. Bandyopadhyay, NeelaR. Salaskar and Rajani V. Raikar Problems and Prospects of Recipe Prediction on Different CountsofCotton Yarn for Decentralised Sector June2002 XXXII 2 4-20
Neela R. Salaskr andArchana S. Sahasrabudhe Development of Shades on Cellulosic Substrates with TrichromaticReactive Dyes using CCM Technique September2003 XXXIII 3 19-26
Testing V. Jayachandran Application Of Legrange's Formula For Tensile Strength Of Yarn June2001 XXXI 2 15-21
Textile Physics Manik J. Kale, Ajit V.Gore and Archana S. Konnur The Effect of Microwave Radiations onthe Structure of Poly (ethyleneterephthalate) Fiber December2003 XXXIII 4 1-7
Management V.L. Sohani and S.M.Dalal Interaction among Techno-commerical Parameters in a Spinning Mill andtheir Impact on Profitability June2003 XXXIII 2 7-17
Alternate Energy Sources Joseph Zacharia and P.P.Krishnan Energy And Manure From Waste(Conversion Of Non-Saleable Cotton Waste {Microdust}Into Bio-Gas And Also Directly To Organic Manure By Incorporating Worms) March2002 XXXII 1 24-27
Emission Control Joseph Zacharia Emission Control in Textile Wet Processing - A Review on Systems June2002 XXXII 2 21-24
Lubricants Joseph Zacharia Study On Conservation Of Lubricants By Modified Dispensing EquipmentsAnd Through Recycling December2002 XXXII 4 14-17
Joseph Zacharia How To Prolong The Life Of OilLubricated Modern Machines December2003 XXXIII 4 16-18