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BTRA SCAN 2004 - 2006 Issues

Subject Area Author(s) Name Title of the Paper Month / Year Volume No. Issue No. Page No.
Smart Textiles N. V. Bhat,D. T. Seshadri, M. M. Nate & A V. Gore Conductive textiles for smart fabrics March2004 XXXIV 1 9-15
A. N. Desai,N. V. Bhat, D. T. Seshadri & V. A. Bambole Advances in development of smart and intelligent apparels September2004 XXXIV 3 1-6
D. T.Seshadri & N. V. Bhat Synthesis and properties of cotton fabrics modified withPolypyrrole December2005 XXXV 4 1-8
N. V. Bhat,A.V. Gore, M. M. Nate & S.S. Upadhyay Development of antistatic and antibacterial fabrics usingnovel materials March2006 XXXVI 1 1-6
Spinning G.D. Batwal,B.D. Jade & A.N. Desai Performance level of modern spinning mills in India to meetthe global challenge [Part - 1: raw material, production &maintenance] March2004 XXXIV 1 1-8
G.D. Batwal,B.D. Jade & A.N. Desai Performance level of modern spinning mills in India to meetthe global challenge [Part - 2: workload & HOK levels]] June2004 XXXIV 2 1-10
JosephZacharia Problem of soot formation over ring yarn bobbins June2004 XXXIV 2 18-19
G.D. Batwal,B.D. Jade & A.N. Desai Evaluation and requirement of raw material and in-processmaterial for producing world class yarn March2005 XXXV 1 1-9
B. Sankar Use of Advanced Fibre Information System (AFIS) forevaluating performance of comber March2005 XXXV 1 10-15
B. Sankar Belts and belt drives in modern spinning machinery September2005 XXXV 3 1-4
G.D. Batwal Cotton spinning in India in the post quota abolitionregime: problems and prospects December2006 XXXVI 4 8-13
Knitting R.A. Shaikh Developments in circular weft knitting machines September2005 XXXV 3 9-17
Neela R.Salaskar Speciality chemical and mechanical finishing treatments forknitted fabric June2006 XXXVI 2 7-16
Lubricants B. Sankar Lubrication of modern spinning machines December2004 XXXIV 4 1-7
N.D. Mhatre Machine maintenance – the final stage of evaluatingquality of lubricants December2004 XXXIV 4 8-17
V.L. Patkar& S.B. Ajagonkar Lubrication practices in modern process houses December2004 XXXIV 4 18-24
P.P. Krishnan Speciality lubricants commonly used in textile mills December2004 XXXIV 4 25-29
N.D. Mhatre& B. Sankar Managing lubricants September2005 XXXV 3 5–8
N. D. Mhatre,P. P. Krishnan, R. A. Shaikh & V. A. Gawde Conservation of lubricants in decentralised powerloomtextile sector through education and innovation September2006 XXXVI 3 1– 9
Weaving N.D.Mhatre& V.A. Gawde BTRA developed Handloom for quality improvement December2006 XXXVI 4 1- 7
Wet Processing Geeta N.Sheth & Aparna A. Musale Source reduction in effluent load during desizing of cottonfabric and weight reduction of polyester fabric September2004 XXXIV 3 16- 26
Neela R.Salaskar Effect of chemical properties of raw cotton fibre on colourparameters of fibre dyed with reactive dyes September2004 XXXIV 3 7- 15
B.P. Yadav Cost reduction in chemical processing - few case studies March2005 XXXV 1 16- 22
Neela R.Salaskar & A. N. Desai Effect of enzyme and silicone finishing treatments onphysical properties of jute/cellulosic blended textiles June2005 XXXV 2 15- 20
A.V. Gore, M.J. Kale & Chandrakala L. M. Functional finishing of cotton fabrics usingnon-formaldehyde products March2006 XXXVI 1 7- 14
Microprocessor Instrumentation S.N. Misra,S.A. Tarabadkar, A.K. Shrivastava & Anjali Pande Development of IT based system to optimise performance ofstenters in textile mills June2004 XXXIV 2 11-17
S. N. Misra,A. K. Shrivastava & Anjali P. Pande Application of IT systems in chemical processing June2005 XXXV 2 1-8
Manpower Planning S.G. Nalavade Manpower planning in composite textile mills June2006 XXXVI 2 1-6
Microbiology Shilpa U.Nair Textile evaluation using biotechnological approach: anoverview in Indian textile industry March2004 XXXIV 1 16-19
Total Quality Management V. L. Sohani Total Quality Management with special reference to textileindustry June2005 XXXV 2 9-14
Polyester M. J. Kale,N. V. Bhat & A. V. Gore Microwave radiations for processing of polyester fibres December2005 XXXV 4 9- 13
Fabric Defect Analysis S.B. Ajgaonkar Investigational approach in analysing streakiness inprocessed fabric December2005 XXXV 4 14-18
C. H.Sakharkar Fabric defects – case studies in export sorts March2006 XXXVI 1 15-23
Stain Removal P.P. Krishnan Rust stains, their occurrence and remedial measures throughthe development of Rustoclean September2006 XXXVI 3 10-15