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Achievements in Electronic Instrumentation

BTRA IT Production Manager System: The Micro Controller based integrated data modules are developed to monitor the production activities of Textile machines & energy cost involved for the same, calculate the cost per unit production on timely basis & store data. The data is then transmitted to PC on 2 wire system, for machine wise analysis of production, cost & provide classified information to management. The information obtained on PC to management for immediated process control & maintain cost effectiveness.

Grist Strength Elongation Analyser: The system detects load, elongation at the break point of the yarn and also load- elongation values at 3 pre-selected elongations or load values. The speed drive controlled mechanism for CRE test balance interface with the control unit to acquire weight & find grist values of jute yarn; statistical analysis, digital display of results and hardcopy of test data & results.

Power Spin System: Its an on-line information system for efficient energy management in mills. It is an unique development to help mills to receive information in real time basis about energy consumed & corresponding production of yarn, which enbles management to take corrective steps in time to control costs and improve production.

Computerised Lea Tester: System finds Lea breaking strength; its count value; count strength product (CSP); digital display of results; printout of test data.

Wet-on-Wet System: System monitors concentration of Caustic Liquor in the Machine Tank & based on values set in the begining take the necessary corrections to bring the deviated concentration of the alkali in bath back to set value & thereby eliminate intermediate drying stage.

Computerised Twister: System measures TPI, TPM by untwist-retwist method, for plied yarn, preset twist facility is given. System provides statistical calculations and hard copy of test report.

Universal Autospan: System detects 50%, 2.5% Span Lengths & 2 optional span lengths; Fibre % amounts; Uniformity ratio, Short Fibre Index; Statistical Analysis; Digital Display of results; Printouts of test data.

Autodyer System for Yarn Package Dyeing: This system can be retrofitted on existing Yarn Package Dyeing Machines. It will automate the dyeing process for uniform & optimum dyeing through out the packages. The system executes the desired temperature profile inside the dyeing tank. It ensures the time-temperature gradient.

Digital Tensograph: System detects peak load & elongation, load values at 3 pre-selected elongations, controlled speed drive mechanism for CRE test, statistical analysis, digital display of results, printout of test data