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Utilities Conservation [Energy / Water]

CODE Name of the Publication Year Type of Publications
06.4.23 Seminar on 'Conservation of Utilities in Indian Textile Industry' 2002 Seminar
03.2.66 Assessing the potential and formulating / suggesting measures for fuel saving in decentralised process house units, January, 2002 2002 Research Project Reports
03.2.64 Development of a dedicated system for estimation, monitor and control of energy consumption at different stages of spinning of yarn in the mills, August, 2001 2001 Research Project Reports
03.2.62 Establishing norms for air consumption in spinning and weaving departments 2001 Research Project Reports
03.2.34 Potentialities for Conserving the Use of Lubricants by Employing Modified Dispensing Equipment and through Recycling 1997 Research Project Reports
04.2.12 BTRA/PCRA Collaborative Projects an Overview 1996 Technical Reports
06.4.16 Book of Papers - BTRA-PCRA Seminar on Conservation of Lubricants and Fuels in Indian Textile Industry 1995 Book of Papers - Seminars
03.2.22 Rationalisation of Various Lubricants Used in Indian Textile Industry 1995 Research Project Reports
06.4.10 Book of Papers-Workshop on Energy Management in Textile Industry 1993 Book of Papers - Seminars