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Technical Textiles

CODE Name of the Publication Year Type of Publications
08.2.36 Interpretation of Geosynthetics Specifications 2012 Special Publications
08.2.34 Handbook of Geotextiles 2012 Special Publications
06.4.28 International Conference on 'Innovation in Textiles and Demanding Consumerism' 2010 Proceedings
06.4.27 Seminar on 'Engineered Textiles for Geotextile Applications' - CD-ROM 2009 Proceedings
04.4.51 Manufacture of Jute-Based Structure Needled Nonwoven Carpets (1/95) 1995 Technote
03.2.40 Development of structure needled jute and jute based nonwovens carpets   Research Project Reports
08.1.3 Diversified Value Added Jute Products - BTRA's Contributions 1995 Special Publications
03.2.19 Development of Nonwovens from Cellulosic Fibres 1994 Research Project Reports
04.4.40 BTRA Hydrosheath (No.2/92) 1992 Technote
02.2.7. Nonwovens, November 1990 1990 Monograph Series
03.2.9 Development of Low Cost Nonwoven Fabrics for Geo-textiles and Other Applications Using Needle Punching and Thermal Bonding 1989 Research Project Reports