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BTRA Recent Publications

CODE Name of the Publication Year Type of Publications
08.2.23 Product Catalogue on Technical Textiles
[print copy + CD-ROM]
2005 Special Publication
08.2.22 Quality and Operational Benchmarks for Modern Spinning Mills 2005 Special Publication
08.2.21 Global Challenge vis-à-vis Performance Levels of Modern Blended Yarn Spinning Mills in India 2005 Special Publication
08.2.20 Global Challenge vis-à-vis Performance Levels of Modern Cotton Spinning Mills in India 2005 Special Publication
08.2.19 Quality parameters for Home Textiles 2004 Special Publication
03.2.77 Low cost modification of handloom so as to be operated by a disabled person 2004 Research Project Reports
03.2.76 Design and development of training modules for total quality management in textile industry 2004 Research Project Reports
03.2.75 Development of integrated system to improve and optimize the performance of stenter in processing the textile fabrics to save energy and improve quality 2004 Research Project Reports
03.2.74 Development of an alternative and cost-effective route for heat-setting of different synthetic fibres / filaments / fabrics using microwave radiation technique 2004 Research Project Reports
08.2.17 Norms for Chemical Processing 2004 Special Publications
03.2.73 Exploration of New Avenues in Application of Bio-technology in Textile Processing with respect to Quality Improvement and Source Reduction in Stream Pollution 2004 Research Project Reports
03.2.72 Development of shades on cellulosic yarns and fabrics meant for value added products manufactured by decentralized powerloom sector using Trichromatic Reactive Dyes 2003 Research Project Reports
03.2.71 Development of test bench for testing of various pneumatic components, circuits and assemblies used in textile manufacturers 2003 Research Project Reports
08.2.11 Norms for Mechanical Processing (Weaving)-
Tamil Version
2003 Special Publications
08.2.14 Norms for Mechanical Processing [Weaving] 2003 Special Publications
CD - 1 CD-ROM on Total Quality Management
(TQM) for the Textile Industry
2003 CD
08.2.13 Training Manual on Pneumatics 2003 Special Publications
06.4.23 Seminar on 'Conservation of Utilities in Indian Textile Industry' 2002 Book of Papers - Seminars
03.2.66 Assessing the potential and formulating / suggesting measures for fuel saving in decentralised process house units 2002 Research Project Reports
03.2.60 Fibre Quality Enhancement through Process Control at Ginning 2001 Research Project Reports
03.2.58 Development of special eco-friendly friction reducing agent to minimise ring yarn hairiness to enhance textile exports 2001 Research Project Reports
03.2.65 Dyeing Lyocell fibre with different classes of reactive dyes 2001 Research Project Reports
03.2.59 Development and Identification of High Performance and Multifunctional Products and Processes for Value-added fabrics for export and manufacture by Decentralised Sector 2001 Research Project Reports
03.2.62 Establishing norms for air consumption in spinning and weaving departments 2001 Research Project Reports