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CODE Name of the Publication Year Type of Publications
08.2.22 Quality and Operational Benchmarks for Modern Spinning Mills 2005 Special Publication
08.2.21 Global Challenge vis-à-vis Performance Levels of Modern Blended Yarn Spinning Mills in India 2005 Special Publication
08.2.20 Global Challenge vis-à-vis Performance Levels of Modern Cotton Spinning Mills in India 2005 Special Publication
08.2.19 Quality parameters for Home Textiles 2004 Special Publications
03.2.60 Fibre Quality Enhancement through Process Control at Ginning 2001 Research Project Reports
03.2.58 Development of special eco-friendly friction reducing agent to minimise ring yarn hairiness to enhance textile exports 2001 Research Project Reports
03.2.52 A Critical International Bench Mark Survey of Yarn Quality and Productivity and Development of an Action Plan for the Indian Industry 2000 Research Project Reports
03.2.45 Wear characteristics and Performance of Spinning Rings 1998 Research Project Reports
06.4.20 Seminar on Technology Choice in Spinning 1998 Book of Papers - Seminars
07.2.12 Performance of Spinning Mills in South East Asian Countries 1998 Tour Reports
03.2.33 Design and Development of an Indigenous Air-jet Spinning Unit 1997 Research Project Reports
03.2.35 Study on the Reduction of Yarn Hairiness through the Development of High Performance Lubricants 1997 Research Project Reports
08.2.07 Wound Yarn Properties 1997 Special Publications
03.2.28 Measures for Meeting Quality Requirements of Man-Made Fibre Blended Yarns for Export Sorts (A Joint Project Report of TRAs) 1996 Research Project Reports
04.2.11 Tips for Improving the Blended Yarn Quality of Export Sorts 1996 Technical Reports
08.2.05 Critical Appraisal of Export Oriented Spinning Units in India 1996 Special Publications