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Operations Studies

CODE Name of the Publication Year Type of Publications
03.1.47 Survey on Stores Consumption in Spinning 2002 Survey Reports
03.1.43 Survey of Stores Consumption in Weaving 1999 Survey Reports
03.1.44 Fabric Value Loss 1999 Survey Reports
03.1.41 Survey on Productivity and Costs for Shuttleless Looms and Automatic Cone Winding Machines, 1998 Survey Reports
03.1.39 Survey of Fabric Export Rejections 1997 Survey Reports
03.1.38 Interfirm Comparison Survey on Productivity and Costs in Processing 1997 Survey Reports
03.1.37 Interfirm Comparison of Cost in Spinning 1996 Survey Reports
08.1.4. A Work Profile on Operations Studies 1995 Special Publications
08.1.5. GATT Textile Implications 1995 Special Publications
03.1.33 Labour and Machine Productivity Survey in Spinning 1995 Survey Reports
03.1.32 Survey of Folding Productions, Man Power and Systems 1995 Survey Reports
08.1.1. Standards for Productivity in Printing, December 1987 1987 Special Publications
06.4.1 Symposium on Practical Aspects of Managing a Textile Mill 1986 Book of Papers - Seminars