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CODE Name of the Publication Year Type of Publications
03.2.48 Design and development of an electronic let-off motion on conventional automatic pirn changing loom to enhance the fabric quality meant for export 1999 Research Project Reports
04.4.69 BTRA Developed Electronic Let-off Motion for Shuttle Loom 1999 Technote
03.2.38 Upgradation of terry towel manufacturing at decentralised sector to achieve enhanced quality and productivity 1998 Research Project Reports
03.1.42 Studies on Fabric Properties : Blended Shirtings and Suitings 1998 Survey Reports
03.1.41 Survey on Productivity and Costs for Shuttleless Looms and Automatic Cone Winding Machines 1998 Survey Reports
04.4.61 Yarn Waste Control (Weaving Preparatory and Loomshed) 1997 Technote
03.1.39 Survey of Fabric Export Rejections 1997 Survey Reports
E-24. BTRA "PEP" Unit for Autoconer 1997 Technical Bulletins
04.4.62 Tips for Improving the Weaving Performance and Fabric Quality for Readymade Garments 1997 Technote
06.4.18 International Conference on Recent Advances in Weaving Technology 1996 Book of Papers - Seminars