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         The Bombay Textile Research Association [BTRA] conducts training and development activities regularly in textile manufacturing processes and testing of textiles. It offers need based training programmes / refresh courses / basic courses to executives [from marketing/commercial/personnel], students, shop-floor technicians/operators and seasoned technocrats. Also, BTRA offers structured training programmes to suit the special needs of the personnel from the textile industry.


        BTRA presents two types of training programmes separately for staff and operators. The training programmes can be conducted either at BTRA or at the premises of the company. The duration and type/contents of training programmes can also be altered on the basis of mutual consultation.


        BTRA faculty is highly experienced in shop-floor trouble shooting problems regarding quality and production and is well acquainted with modern on-line and off-line testing of various textile products. Another major plus point at BTRA is that it has sophisticated testing instruments to conduct various types of testing of textiles, modern pilot plants [for nonwovens and chemical processing], electronic instrumentation laboratory and exclusive library for textiles. Besides, BTRA can arrange for visits to modern mills to acquaint the trainees. Thus, trainees will have first hand knowledge about textile manufacturing and testing activities.


        During the last five years, BTRA provided training on the following subjects - by conducting programmes as well as imparting skills at BTRA Test Laboratories [BTL].


Training Programmes



Training Imparted at BTL


Training Programmes



  • Mechanical Processing and Testing of Textiles
  • Home Textiles
  • Four Point Fabric Inspection
  • Fabric Inspection & Fabric Testing
  • Textile Processes, Fabric Defects and Fabric Inspection
  • Supervisory Training Programme in Spinning
    • Cost structure of spinning mills
    • Measures to control cost
    • Stores consumption
    • Inventory control
    • Supervisory check points in spinning
    • Raw material properties and process parameters in spinning
    • Uster and Classimat analysis and interpretation of results
    • Labour and machine productivity in spinning
    • Manpower, work load and work assignment
    • Measures to improve productivity in spinning
    • Measures to improve quality in spinning
    • How to judge the performance of various departments in spinning
    • Maintenance of preparatory machines
    • Maintenance of speed frame and ring frame
  • Training programme in folding
    • Classification of fabric defects
    • Systems to be followed in finish folding
    • Shop-floor training for fabric defects
    • Written test for checkers
  • Check points in warping and sizing
  • Sizing machine tenters
  • Fabric Costing and Maintenance Cost
  • Maintenance of Weaving Machines
  • Process Control / Maintenance aspects
  • Dyes, chemicals and auxiliaries with special reference to chemical processing of textiles
  • Process Control in Chemical Processing and Utility Saving
  • Chemical processing for owners of process houses
  • Chemical Processing and Testing of Textiles
  • Chemical processing for supervisors and operatives.
  • Chemical Processing and Machinery for Textiles
  • Yarn Processing and Machines (Marathi)
  • Chemical Processing of Cotton Yarn (Marathi)
  • Process Control / Maintenance aspects
  • Quality Control & Testing of Technical Textiles
  • Nonwoven Technical Textiles, Physical / Chemical Testing
  • Design aspects of looms for manufacturing Technical Textiles
  • Technical Textiles
  • Awareness on ISO-9001 Quality Management Systems
  • Laboratory Management Systems [ISO 17025:2005 Standards] on -
    • A Comprehensive Awareness on ISO:17025-2005
    • Understanding Uncertainty of Measurements
    • Internal Audit for ISO:17025-2005
  • BASIC COURSE FOR EXECUTIVES [Marketing/Commercial]
  • Mechanical Processing [spinning & weaving] of Textiles
  • Chemical Processing of Textiles
  • Textile Testing (fibres / yarn / fabric / chemicals / auxiliaries)
  • Fibre to Fabric
  • Technical Textiles
  • Spinning, Weaving and Testing
  • Spinning, weaving, chemical processing, machinery used and trouble shooting problems
  • Chemical processing and testing
  • Technical training in spinning
  • Any other type of training - CUSTOMISED TRAINING PACKAGE

Training Imparted at BTL

  • Physical testing and chemical testing
  • Physical testing of coated fabrics
  • Training on Indian Standards Test Methods covering physical testing, chemical testing and flammability testing
  • Chemical & Auxiliaries Testing
  • Chemical testing of fabrics and auxiliaries
  • Colour fastness testing
  • Dye identification
  • Dyeing and colour fastness testing
  • Testing of Auxiliaries
  • Testing the pH value of aqueous extract of fabrics and measurement of whiteness values of bleached fabric

  • Testing of Technical Textiles
  • Eco-testing of Textiles
  • Computer Colour Matching
  • Computer Aided Textile Designing [Printing / Weaving]
  • Any other type of training - CUSTOMISED TRAINING PACKAGE