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Thermal Insulation Audit



The audit programme of BTRA regarding quality, machinery, energy and water are very popular among mills. Now, BTRA has initiated one more audit viz., ‘THERMAL INSULATION AUDIT’.

    The salient features of this audit are as follows:

  • It is very specific in nature
  • Easy to implement suggestions
  • Payback period is shorter

In textile wet processing, there is a network of pipelines [carrying steam / condensate / thermic fluid] supplying thermal energy to the departments. These pipelines are insulated at the time of installation to minimise heat loss. But after a certain period, the condition of the insulation starts deteriorating, causing lower insulation efficiency. This leads to continuous drain of heat energy from the system and hence, additional consumption of steam, electricity and fuel to meet the given requirement of thermal energy from the departments.

    What BTRA Audit does?

  • Inspection of the existing insulation of hot lines with the instrument
  • Computation of heat loss from each point of inspection at various locations
  • Evaluation of Insulation Efficiency
  • Identification of areas of damaged insulation causing higher losses
  • Calculation of savings with payback period due to replacement of damaged insulation
  • Recommendation of suitable insulation material
  • Recommendation of optimum insulation thickness
    Benefit to the Industry

  • Fuel consumption reduced by preventing unnoticed wastage of heat through the damaged insulation
  • Low investment on re-insulation, as the industry has to replace only the damaged portion of insulation identified in the insulation audit


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