Sample Development

Pilot Plant Facilities for sample development and trials

Machines / instruments at Pilot Plants

Sample Weaving For the preparation of woven sample upto width of 18” and length of 6 meters to 9 meters.
Chemical Processing :
  • Test/trial can be taken for Desizing, Scouring, Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing
  • Application - Pad-dry-cure, Exhaust method
  • Performance test for detergents, auxiliaries like softness.
Nonwovens Development of needle punched Nonwoven(50cm width),
Hydroentanglement nonwoven (upto 1 mtr. Width)
Twin Screw Compounding Extruder Making granules (chips) from scrap polymeric material
Compression Moulding Development of composites
Injection Moulding Development of composites
Melt Spinning Pilot Plant Development of multifilament filaments from chips/granules
Electro Spinning Surface modification using nano fibres

Machines set-up at Pilot Plant

Sample Weaving

  • CCI Sample Sizing Machine
  • Sample Warping Machine
  • CCI Weaving Machine

Nonwoven Pilot Plant

  • Needle Punching : DILO ,GERMANY
  • Cross Lapper : DILO ,GERMANY
  • Roller Clearer Cards : CORMATEX ,ITALY
  • Spunlace ( Hydroentanglement ) : FLEISSNER, GERMANY
  • Web Drafter : DILO ,GERMANY

Chemical Processing

  • Beaker Dyeing machine
  • Soft Flow Dyeing machine
  • RBE Jet Dyeing Machine
  • Laundero Meter
  • AATCC Whirlpool Washing Machine & Dryer
  • IFB Washing Machine
  • Drum Washing Machine
  • Padding Mangle(Horizontal/Vertical)
  • Mathis Padding with Infrared Dryer
  • Tergotometer
  • Spooner Dryer
  • Flat Bed Press
  • Cottage Steamer
  • Mathis Steamer
  • Winch(Small & Big)
  • Bundesmann Apparatus
  • Tumble Dryer

Twin Screw Compounding Extruder

Compression Moulding Machine

Injection Moulding Machine

Melt Spinning

Electro Spinning Machine